iHouse is an international group home by Northern Arizona University.  iHouse is equal distance from classrooms as many on-campus dorms!  (150 m from campus)    iHouse residents have everything provided when they arrive big furnished rooms, bicycles, bedding, utilities, and high speed internet.  Our students focus on what they came here to do, study and have fun.  iHouse accepts international students, athletes, and professors who want to make the most of their time in the US.  We focus on making sure our guests have every opportunity to join us in the local culture of the American Southwest.   iHouse Resident Assistants are Flagstaff locals who live on-site and help residents take care of the little things that can be difficult in a new place.  iHouse staff have traveled around the world and know from first hand experience how challenging even simple things can be when far from home.  We help our guests find transportation, open bank accounts, and find services.  iHouse has a bicycle rental and maintenance department with an on-site repair shop.

When the basics of life are taken care of, we explore and play!!  Flagstaff is an amazing western American town.  Our residents explore Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Sedona and see much more than most students.  The goal at iHouse is simple.  We take care of the basics.  You focus on what you came to Flagstaff for: scholarship and getting a fun taste of life in the American Southwest.
iHouse is located on a hill across from Northern Arizona University and has two decks with beautiful views looking out over downtown Flagstaff to the highest mountains in Arizona.  The San Francisco Peaks rise 3850 meters over the Colorado Plateau and are often covered in snow or the golden glow of Fall Aspen trees.


  • Fully furnished rooms with bed, desk, chair, dresser, and storage for each student
  • All utilities included with onsite laundry
  • We can pick you up at the airport when you arrive
  • Sheets, pillows, and towels provided
  • Large kitchen to prepare your own food or share a meal with friends
  • Trips to see the Grand Canyon, events to meet American families
  • Shared family room, living room, dining room, deck, and yard
  • Participate in holiday celebrations and social activities together
LIVE at iHouse Flagstaff!

iHouse Flagstaff is where the world gathers in Flagstaff, Arizona!

iHouse Flagstaff is the off campus international student housing that challenges international students to get out and experience the USA!
LIVE at iHouse Flagstaff!